We’re not giving up just yet~

     Sometimes, in the course of attaining a dream, you get sidetracked. This last couple of weeks, this last couple of months have been like this really. I have bipolar disorder. I’m sure I mentioned it one of the older posts but the plain fact is that sometimes writing and remembering to do the things that you’re supposed to do is easy and sometimes it is not. In the year since I left, I feel like I lost all the fans I gained and really I likely lost most of them before that even because I don’t write very consistently. So I try and I will continue to try but I ask for your patience in this time. I’m hoping to get things back up to speed by the end of the month, the opening of April. We’ll just have to hope I can sort of pull things together by then.

Malice and Cobwebs brush away the dust and cobwebs~

     So, I’ve been gone. I’ve been gone for a very long time, over a year to be exact, and I am sorry. Things got out of hand, mistakes were made and all the time in the world couldn’t get me back on track. I’ve been thinking a lot about the blog and how I wanted to get back into it and what form I wanted the blog to take. I considered just taking it up where it was, I thought about moving the blog to a new location and then I came to the same conclusion that I always do under circumstances where I need to start something anew. Burn everything to the ground, claim the insurance money and get a fresh start. That’s my answer, unless your name is Bob and you oversaw that insurance claim. In your case? I’m just joking man, don’t take me too seriously or anything. So, you may have noticed almost all the posts are missing and there are reasons for that. Some of the series I had been working on, namely the series on Zatoichi the blind swordsman, were never very popular that I could tell and I had kept them going out of sheer dogged determination to finish them. Some of them needed editing, some of them needed expanding and some of them were posts that I put up that were either half-cocked and not ready for prime time, or that I was unhappy with for various reasons.

     That left me with a lot of decision to make, and rather than try to weed through the forest of tough decision, I decided to burn everything down and get a fresh start. This month will include the posts that will eventually normalize into our new monthly schedule, I will update that schedule on the about us page. Some of the posts, which I do want to redo, will take longer to redo. The Italy posts have a lot of incorrect facts in them, due to the fact that I was doing them on the fly and was doing research on actual things for graduate school at the time. Over the course of March, on an almost daily basis, I will be putting up edited posts from serieses and such that have been reworked since the last time you saw them. I hope that, for the most part, the posts will be more focused and most of them will be in excess of 50% longer than they were before. If you can think of a post you want put up sooner that you don’t see, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it and put it up for you, post editing of course. That’s assuming anyone who followed me during my initial run, but hey a guy can hope. So this is just a notification that I’m tentatively back. Oh, yes. Fiction has been removed because it’s been worked into a book series, which will come out first on Amazon, and them presumably move to other sources eventually. I may post some promo chapters eventually, and I may eventually post fiction in general, but that remains to be seen.