Awards and Humiliations


Hello happy readers! Tis I, Miss Cobwebs! I am usually more of an artsy silent presence here on the blog, but I have been given a very special job by Malice, who is undoubtedly doing something important like drawing up a new set of plans for world domination or attempting to teach the cat to blink in Morse Code.

We have been nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow blogger ShoeOnTheMoon. The Liebster Blog Award ties back to the German word Liebster which means dearest, beloved, or favorite. The award is a pat on the back from a fellow blogger for being enjoyable if, regrettably, not yet well known. It can also be looked at as a Q&A for new or small blogs.

The rules:

  • Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer the questions they asked
  • Nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers
  • Inform the bloggers you have nominated them
  • Post 10 questions for them to answer

For optimists.

Translation: this is like a Pay-It-Forward digital hug for blogs.

To all pessimists.

Translation: it is essentially a bloggy chain letter, but it won’t kill us to be social now and then.

Here are the questions ShoeOnTheMoon asked us:

1. What is your current dream car?

Malice: One that is driven by someone else.

Cobwebs: Ponies!

2. What movie genre is your favorite?

Malice: Horror

Cobwebs: Disney Bollywood Ghibli

3. Tell us the best memory of your childhood?

Malice: I got my class to go on strike in elementary school.

Cobwebs: Being essentially undead, childhood is always. Yay!

4. What do you think is the best thing about you?

Malice: My stunning charisma. Or my debonair paper bag.

Cobwebs: Two words. Floating. Head.

5. Do you think aliens exist? Do you want them to?

Malice: Yes aliens exists. I hire out to them all the time.

Cobwebs: Ummm… I am pretty sure I signed a confidentiality agreement about that at some point.

6. What blog post of your own is your favorite so far?

Malice: “The Most Generic Story Ever Told”

Cobwebs: The very first one. ❤ “Insomnia” (and also “God’s People Oven”)

7. What is the last thing you Googled?

Malice: I am DEFINITELY sure I signed a confidentiality agreement about THAT.

Cobwebs: crowns

8. Name 5 things you couldn’t live without.

Malice: I can’t name only 5 things that I cannot live without. I require more than 5 organs on my dream team.

Cobwebs: Pretties! Kitties! Crayons! Butterflies! And Malice ❤

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Malice: I’m a misanthrope.

Cobwebs: I’m an extroverted introvert.

10. When was the last time you went on vacation? Where did you go?

Malice: December. To see Miss Cobwebs.

Cobwebs: Last June. To see Malice.


Here are our 10 nominations for The Liebster Award, curated by Miss Cobwebs

Did You Dress Up For This

The Creative Kick

A Sip of My Tea

Praying For Eyebrowz

Ugly Ass Fashion

Who Put Me In Charge Here

A Not So Jaded Life


Because I’m an Adult

Lovely Ephemera

Now we present the 10 questions we are asking you.

1. What was the last movie you yelled at?

2. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

3. What post of yours is your favorite?

4. What is one of the best lessons life has taught you?

5. What is the funniest thing to ever happen to you at work?

6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen while out and about?

7. If you could buy any pet what would you get?

8. What pulls you into a new blog?

9. What place will you always call home?

10. What is one of your favorite books?


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