Cobwebs and Malice: A very malicious welcome

     Hello, friends and guests alike! Hello, to the old and to the new and welcome to Cobwebs and Malice, I suppose you might wonder where I’ve been for the last year or so. Funny story, I got married to Miss Cobwebs and it turned out that she had an inheritance called the Blood Ruby, which seemed a little generic to me. It feels like pretty much every cult has some sort of blood ruby, and really what other gem could even be described that way since the word ruby already implies that the stone is red. Anyways, that took us on a very long journey around the world, and sometimes deep underneath it, because I will be a monkey’s uncle if some fricking cult lost in the mists of time keeps something that was always mine by proxy. I’ll tell you about it sometime in excruciating detail if you want. And also if you don’t.

     More seriously, life has a way of getting between you and being creative. Cobwebs and Malice is a more appropriate name than it ever was, because Miss Cobwebs was the one who named the blog in the first place based on a phrase of mine that I used to use a lot. That phrase being, “I’m not a good man. My head is filled with nothing but Cobwebs and Malice. This blog was a joint child of mine and my wife’s so it seemed a real shame to let it lie for so long. That’s why it’s resurrection is such an important thing to both myself and my wife. When a regular schedule has been arranged, it will appear here, as well as links to other Cobwebs and Malice related fun. Please enjoy this blog and feel free to leave us a comment letting you know how much you love us and how much you wish you had puppies, because puppies are awesome.

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