Malice plays with art dolls~

This week has been amazing thus far. I haven’t gotten as much writing done as I would have liked, but I learned some new things about the blog and I will be coming home revved up and ready for action. That being said, today’s post will be slightly different. Normally I would do my normal Friday thing, but yesterday when I was hanging out with Miss Cobwebs, I saw that she had some figurines for the purposes of art. They basically act as models of sorts.

IMG_1193     Here I caught them wresting, at least that’s what they called it. I would call this pic homo-erotic but I’m pretty sure neither figure has genitals, thank heavenly Christ for small favors, so I can’t entirely be sure.

IMG_1194      Now the little one has taken it upon himself to kill the big guy. I guess assassinations are an art form. The expression on the big guys face is universally appropriate. Here he seems to be mildly annoyed.

I wanted to do the Titanic, “Look at me Jack, I’m flying so long as you keep holding me and the ship doesn’t crash into an iceberg” pose. This is the closest I could get because I could never figure out how to wrap the big one’s hands around the little one’s. Also, the big grey dummy refused to stand up.


     I don’t even think this needs an explanation, it should be perfectly obvious what’s going on here. What do you mean it could be taken in more than one way?


     This is sexual harassment, but I kind of have to take it since I was posed this way. Get your hand off of my wooden butt, you grey bastard!


     Oh dear God! Some malevolent force is twisting your neck all the way around the wrong way!


     This is what I call the “not in my house” victory pose. The triumphant foot on his chest, the hands up to taunt. Oh yeah, this shit goes allllll the way to the top.


     But the wheel of fortune never stays constant and yesterdays victor is the footstool of today,


     No, I’m really certain that I want none of your business. Talk to the foot at the end of my arm which is supposed to be a hand of some sort, I guess. I’m not very good with the fine motor control, honestly,


     He’s a mad man, I tell you! A maaaad maaaaaan! Wait, don’t just leave me here!


     I don’t have your money, but I swear I will get it! Just give me a couple more days! AUUUGGGHHH! The floor!


     I’m clearly having way too much fun with these things.


It’s supposed to look like he’s flying. The grey dumb one did not want to carry the little dumb one.


     It’s like a swan lake pose or something…which obviously looks like flying, I mean Superman does this one all the time right?


     Grey dumb one is grooving to the beat. I would do jazz hands, but it would look obscene. Obscenely stupid that is.


     And this is why I didn’t do the spanking pose before. It looks like a rectal exam. It really doesn’t help that the little dumb one is kicking around a lot. What is wrong with me?


     He has broken his foot and now he goes in for the kill with a knife chop to the…well, wherever that strike would actually end up.


     Kiss him, you fool! There will never be a better time.


     And now to contort every single one of your limbs in the wrong direction.


     I believe the phrase is, “I just can’t even anymore.” But you can and you will if I make you.


     Punishment for failing to stand upright even with massive amounts of help


     Pictured here with a pen spear, for the pen is mightier than the sword. It has reach for one. There were other pictures which I will try to upload for you later, including the “Don’t let them eat our Salo” picture in which I gave the big grey idiot a Cossack mustache and hairdo. I hope you enjoyed exploring this series of psychological problems masquerading as awkwardly placed dolls. Please join us on Sunday for something slightly more sane. I think. it’s a Vincent Price movie.