Completely Inappropriate Music~ Doggie in the window

     I actually made the first version of this a long time ago, but it was a little rough around the edges and the ending was a little too psychotic even for me. Seriously, the last mauling scene in this movie is intense. The song is that old classic, “How much is that Doggie in the Window?” Sung by Patti Page in 1953 and paired pleasingly with the 1983 film Cujo, distributed by Warner Bros and based on the Stephan King novel of the same name. This falls under fair use law and is clearly parody made by somebody who keeps finding the time to make these things. That is to say, me. This one also has a bit of a rough ending, but it also flows a little better. Maybe someday I’ll find and upload the older version as well, the opening was better in its own way.

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