Tasselhoff Furfoot, king of kings~

Well, it’s almost a new year for us here at Cobwebs and Malice. I kept promising to take a video of Miss Cobwebs cat, named Tasselhoff Furfoot, evicting the Holy Family from the manger and knocking over all the figures. Sadly, Tass got stage fright and the figures remained relatively unmolested. Here, in lieu of that, is a series of photos from previous years.


Here mighty Tasselhoff stands over his conquest. Look at the slaughter!


And here is Tass sitting in the manger. I think this year they just acknowledged his divinity and left him his spot.


The king of all this world, and off his Tass and off his Tass!


Tass and the Holy Family on the road to Tasselhouse.


Oh my God, it’s complete annihilation out there! Won’t someone please think of the sheep!


There you can see the one remaining Shepard fleeing the scene of the massacre.


It’s like Flanders Field out there.


The truth is that Tass may regret his actions slightly.


See? That hangdog expression lets us know that he’s aware that what he’s done was wrong and that he regrets it…slightly.


…very slightly.


Oh wait, he’s just checking for survivors.


Tass surveying the carnage.

IMG_5399“This is mah house!” Says Tass.

IMG_5397     Can you feel the terror? I can. Anyways, I really wanted to give you guys something. I can not even begin to tell you how many times Tass started in on the massacre and went all prima donna on us once I pulled my phone out. So here’s something for you.

Oh hell no, Kitty!

This video doesn’t exist

This is a video I was given by Miss Cobwebs that I have been meaning to put up. I give you, “Oh hell no Kitty!” It’s trying to break freee!