Italy Extravaganza~ Trees of Italy

     Hello, everybody, and welcome to the final installment of our long running, and perhaps ill-fated, series on my trip to Italy. We had some laughs, saw some good art and graffiti, not to mention lots and lots of mountains, but I kept out of the posts all those shots that got ruined. You see most of the pictures I took were from the window of a car and so naturally sometimes things got in the way. I also didn’t put in shots of the same thing three or four times, I left out the blurry shots and the shots where I was entirely unsure of why I had taken the shot in the first place. Thus, with no further ado from me, the last Italy post. Here are the trees of Italy.


   This was supposed to be a shot of a sweeping plain with mountains in the distance. This is a shot of the front of a gas station. Isn’t it inspiring?


     Oh look, a tree! This one’s a keeper. They don’t have trees like this back in the States, except all the places that they do have trees exactly like this one.


     Yay! Mountains and…oh come on! Who the hell decided to pass us now!? Down in front, jerk!


     A sign!? Really!? And not even a sign, it’s the back of a sign. This is one for the photo album.


     Taking pictures of mountains can be tough work, you have to wait until the gap in the trees and damnit! Not again!


     Oh, come on! How many more trees can Italy possibly have!?


     I’m starting to think I hate trees. Like a lot.


     Oh, hey look! A mountain! Maybe I can get another good shot of it.


     Damn you, trees! I’ll get you next time!


     And now the very earth itself rises in defiance of my getting good pictures. This is an act of God.


     Hey look a cool castle! And… a cell phone tower, I think. Well, it could be worse.


     Oh, look! A cool castle and… a telephone pole. I don’t think it gets any worse than this.


     I hate you.


     Wow. I don’t even know what that is.


    Oh, look, a random stone pillar and trees. We simply can’t leave until I get me a shot of that…and not the amazing mountains behind it.


     This is the grapes of wrath. As in. I wanted to take a picture of the stuff behind the grapes and this is causing me wrath.


     I’m not showing you all of these, but this should give a fairly good idea of the kind of trees I put up with…I mean the kind of stuff that…nevermind.


     Ha! Foiled your plan, trees! This mountain was too large to blocked from view! Muhahahaha!




     Oh, what!? This is positively becoming the Truman Show. That could only have been planned by a man in a giant box in the sky.There. Mission accomplished.

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