Italy Extravaganza~ Day XV

Here we are, at last. The last post for our little jaunt through Italy. The last day or so we spent in a place called Norsia My parents had a series of meetings to go to, which gave me a chance to sit around and get some writing done. Thanks to my exhaustion, I took very few pictures of the town, even though it was exactly the kind of town I was looking for in the first place. On the second day we were there, when we were going to leave and head off to Rome, I took some pictures from a place where I could see one of the valleys that the town overlooks. I also took some pictures in the town itself, but not as many as I really should have. You may be asking why I didn’t take any pictures in Rome. Well, we arrived very late and we only went to Rome for the airport. Once this post is done, we’ll take a break of a week and then I’ll do the trees of Italy post and maybe a wrap up post talking about the trip back. With no further delay,


This was tone of the only street shots that I had taken by the end. I really wish I had taken more, but I got distracted by the view you’ll see in just a bit.


One more shot of sadly faded paint. This one was really painful to see.


And this is pretty much the only shot I took of the church. I really liked this one statue.


This is the same shot from a little further back. What’s that between the buildings? I do believe it’s mountains.


This was the other street shot I really needed. It was close to the monastery, I believe, and I really wish I knew what that building straight ahead was.


And here it is, the valley I became entranced by while I was waiting for my parents. Most of the time we saw valleys like this, we were so far away. You better believe I took advantage of it. Thankfully, I’m not forcing you to look at all of them.


This is the one building that I really wanted a shot of. I know that there’s a monastery out in the countryside that is in need of repair, but I am not quite sure of where it is. Either way, that building was pretty cool.


On the way to Rome we ran into around three castles that were amazing. A few towns also were worthy of note. Here is one of the few that I was able to get a decent shot of.


I really should have just had my camera out the whole time.


In fact, I think I’m going to skip the castles. Maybe in the trees of Italy post, I’ll post the best one I saw. I never got a good shot of it not through a chain linked fence, so I’ll hold off.



This was a series of buildings on the other side one of the castles I passed. These I got. The castle I missed. And that’s it. Rome and then we flew home. Next Friday? The trees of Italy. This was a short post. Blah.

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