Italy Extravaganza~ Day XIV

    The time for restraint has well and truly passed us by. The trip was almost over by this point, and I really was eager to come home. Consequently, there are almost no pictures for the following couple of days. I took some pictures of the town that we went to from way out on a walkway that lead out into the ocean, but that’s pretty much it. My father and mother have some friends of whom the wife is Italian, originally. Sort of. Her family is from the town we were in, as well as around the area. We went out to lunch, so naturally most of the time I was not taking pictures. Here, then, for you viewing pleasure is my last day of being a tourist. After this, I switched over to full on writing mode.


     This is the outskirts of the town we had lunch in. Rather, perhaps, the part of the town that touches the sea. There was a very nice walkway for going out on that goes very far out into the sea. What I was interested in was the clouds.


     The other problem was that the seaside towns we had been at before we hard to take pictures of since we were so far away from the parts I wanted to see.


     Oh, look! Mountains! I love how the clouds are hanging so low over the mountains in these shots.

I did managed to limit myself to two shots this time, the town was not as picturesque as I would have liked. I think it’s the tents up front on the beach. If we went to the beach, I would have liked them, but it wasn’t the kind of shot I was looking for. But hey, mountains.


     Here was the only design of note on the entire walkway.


     ….ok, I lied. I did want one more shot once we got really far out, because this was the best shot of clouds hanging over a mountain I was able to get. I was able to get a really good shot from this far away, as well.


     This was the most amazing castle I saw. Sadly, I was unable to get anywhere near it. This also gave me a lot of candidates for my trees of Italy post later.


     This is the town connected with that castle. At this point I couldn’t even be bothered to get out of the car. It was too hot, I was too tired and yet this town was too cool. I really want to go back there, someday. Wanna go on an adventure someday, Miss Cobwebs?


     This is a cat. An Italian cat. It was doing pretty much what I wanted to be doing right then.


     Good lord, look at that castle. It dominates the height and it has multiple layers of defense. That is one beast of a defensive point.


     This was the best and closest shot I got of the castle. It’s also one of the shots I’m proudest of from the entire trip. It was taken from a moving vehicle and it had to be timed so that trees weren’t in the way. This took a lot of attempts.


     On the way to our last stop, we ran into a lot of these places. Ruins and small towns atop hills that once upon a time likely belonged to minor nobles.


     Sadly, most of the pictures are too far away to enjoy them. I chose one that I really liked and had a decent shot of to play representative. Now, let’s wrap this up with one more post.

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