Italy Extravaganza~ Day XII, Part II

Well, here we are late for the third time in a row. This means another post with lackluster comments. My laptop has decided that it’s too cool for school and it would rather die repeatedly, which means I am posting this from my desktop. This beast has survived down here and the last two years of my undergraduate. While we’re talking over the problems, let’s talk over the problems with the Italy posts. Problems with the Italy posts? Surely not with them!? Well, yes. As you may have noticed, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember where the pictures were taken. An example of this is actually coming up in around three posts. I had those pictures slated as being part of Florence. The cathedral in question certainly does look similar to the one in Florence, it does have the distinctive green and white building look to it. But some of the opening pictures managed to remind me that those pictures were actually taken in Lucca, a place we visited after Florence. Florence itself presents problems, because it really contains two days of photos, but I’m going to keep it as Day XII. Suffice it to say that it was Florence and then Lucca, further complicated by two day trips, and then I pretty much stopped taking photos. Now here, late again, is my second post of Florence. Let’s get our art on!


I really did like these sketches. In fact, I dare say that these dark and odd sketches were my favorite part of the whole museum. Unfortunately, the museum really was not cooperating in terms of taking pictures.


All these sketches, maybe sketches aren’t the right word, but they’re all so cool. The lines are so sharp and the lighting in the drawings are so cool.


This is my favorite one. A guy having a drinking party with a skeleton, because nobody every told him not to go shot for shot versus a creature that can literally not retain any liquid. This has bad news written all over it.


I’m not gonna lie, I was very excited at seeing these old books. Part of me was tempted to just reach in and put them in my bag and try and sneak out with them. Who cares if I could read them? These books are just that cool to me.


Best shot I could get of this picture. It’s really interesting how they’re taking this scene from the bible and make it almost action packed. The image moves in ways that a lot of other paintings I saw didn’t. Naturally, I needed a closeup of the movement part itself.


I’m not sure how theologically sound this image is, but it made the painting so very cool. Again, I must refer to Miss Cobwebs because this seems like something more Easter in influence than Western. When I see you next, please tell if you have seen anything like this before.


Another book. I really loved these books, but sadly not all the books were as amenable to pictures as the other ones.


Like this one. Taking a picture of this thing was a nightmare, and in fact I skipped around five screw ups to get to this picture I had to take of it was from the wrong angle.


This is a shot of the ceiling in the main room of the museum. I really wish I had more pictures of these things, but look at how dark it is. I really would have used flash, but naturally in a museum you need that flash off.


This was around the point before the overload hit. Being hit with so much art at once is like eating nothing but chocolate truffles for around a week. Eventually you start screaming and convulsing when someone even mentions the things. I am glad I got these busts before the wipe out began, however, because they are worth seeing.


The classical Roman style, or what was thought of as such. The beard, the armor and the hair along with the gorgon mask on his armor. This really annoys me about the stylistic revivals that came along later in Italian history, because being an idiot I can’t tell the difference between the new and the old often. I am stupid.


Hey, look! I finally got a shot of the gargoyle thing from the top floor that I really wanted. I think. I might have messed up on that.


Another statue in a very similar style, the beard and hair but it is lacking the gorgon face on the armor. Worthless! I need my gorgon mask or I can’t enjoy this.


What I didn’t like about the Pitti palace is that it was a museum. I had expected a look at the past, and I got it, but not in the way that I wanted. Was there no other place to stick these things? This was one of the hearts of Florentine politics! The statues are cool, but I want to see how it looked back then.


Every time I see this pillar it drives me nuts. The design and colors are so old, but they’r done in a newer style. Just wait until we see the twelve labors.


…..Ok, I guess I can forgive the statue now.


This is the most awesome table I have ever seen in my entire life. Again, the whole design is very busy but it does work. It even is already divided up for plates.


I’m really surprised by how in the Roman style was. I really wish I could pick up on what gives newer art away from older art. The pose maybe?


It’s a lion painted on the wall that looks like it’s going to pop out and eat you.


The Pitti palace had two museum portions. The first was a more straight up museum with exhibits and things behind glass. The second part was the rooms of the original occupants that had been redone later on with art that doesn’t represent the height of Florence, so far as I’m concerned. This means that most of the rooms lost interest to me after that point, so sadly I forgot to take a closer shot of above the door.


I really wish I knew more about this painting. I’m sure there was some card about it, but I have a tendency when confronted with beauty to wander around like I’ve got shell shock. Art first, learning later.


Yay! I love these faces too, though I didn’t see as many to be honest..


Something about this art feels off to me. It’s lovely and inspiring, but it’s also too clean. The lines are to distinct, which I guess stems from the fact that I like the older art that feels more worn and weathered.


And here we are, the twelve labors of Hercules. These things are awesome. I know I just said I hated the cleaner art style, but I’m willing to make an exception for a guy who wrestles a lion.


And this one is fighting the man eating Oxen or something. Either way, things don’t look so good for the bull. Oh right, Bull not Oxen. Whoops, looks like I need to brush up on my Greek myths.


I tried very hard to get all twelve, but I’m pretty sure I missed some. They were all around the wall and some of them were in places you wouldn’t expect.


He had twelve, and how many was I able to find?


This seems like another one, the ugly specter of what I’m starting to think of as retro-art rearing it’s ugly head. Check out the helmet on that guy.


Not sure if this is one of the twelve but the whole room was themed around Hercules. Here he is killing the two snakes as a baby.


And one more! What’s our number up to now? Six!? Wow, I managed to find more than I remember.


And here’s number seven, honestly these are pretty elaborate. As you may have noticed they are in no way in order.


Eight! I’m only off by four. Three if you count the painting version, which may be the only one.


Oh lord. Nothing screams I want to be Roman more than giving yourself a coin in paint. Good lord, the ego on display here.


I really did like this one painting, but there’s one room that I went nuts in coming up. In fact, I’m so excited that I’m just going to ignore this painting entirely.


Here I have to admit that they did get the style down pretty much exactly. I’m willing to admit that it could be emperors of Rome, which does raise the question of why, but I do like this one.


I think I would pay any sum for a table like this. I really wish I had taken more pictures of it, but good God that crest and the lion face are so cool


Here it is, my favorite room. I came back here for the sole purpose of getting more shots. Why? Because this art goes back to the Medici. Naturally, I needed all the shots I could get. I loved the contrast of the white and gold and the detail is amazing.


There were paintings up there, as well, but even the statues and the unpainted bits of the ceiling were just stunning.


A shot to give you an idea of the kind of detail that covered the whole ceiling. It’s decadent, but I love it.


I wanted a close up of some of the only writing in the room.



And this is the other half of the room.


I wanted one more shot of that face before I left. This was the one room that was well lit enough for me to go nuts and get the ceiling.


The paintings themselves were amazing, but I was more interested in the not painted bits. That being said, some of these paintings deserved a shot of their own


Lady victory, lending a hand to those who need her help.


If I had been paying more attention, I would have stayed in this room and only this room. Sadly, I was not paying enough attention because of art.


And here’s a shot of the courtyard again, just to give some perspective.




And here we are back at the front. Again, I would like you to notice the uneven stones on the outside of the wall.



A closer shot to show you how uneven the stones really are. Well, I apologize for the lateness of the post and I hope you all are ready for even more posts of Florence next time. We’ve got two more Florence before we head on to Lucca and then the trip wraps up. A heads up? Lucca includes Pisa, a day trip we took. Very excited. At least I am

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