Italy Extravaganza~ Day XII, Part I

     Welcome, gentle readers to the beginning of the end. It sounds like I said that before, huh? Well, either way, this is one thing I’ve been looking forward to was Florence. Let me be clear about one thing. I took pictures of the places I went to and out of those, I took pictures of the things I liked. That being said, you’re also only getting the shots that turned out. In some places I really wanted to take pictures of the ceiling and the walls around the ceiling, but it was far too dark inside to get the shots.  We stayed in a former monastery again, only this time we were all in one room. Also, the bathroom required a small walk. These aren’t points not in their favor, just made it a very unique place to stay. The window opened right out into the street, which was not conducive to sleep. We stayed in the older portion of Florence, which carried it’s own problems. With no further ado, let’s begin our beginning of the ending.


     I loved these signs. You’ll notice a few others of guys carrying or flying away with the arrow. This one has a heart through it. Quite fun.


     This was the ceiling of our room. Not sure I took any photos of the room itself.


     A shot of pretty much the entire ceiling.


     I took the effort to try to get the Medusa head on the side. I saw a lot of those, as well, and I tried to get shots of them when I saw them.


     That one also was pretty cool and let me tell you that getting a shot of that was a pain in the butt.


     I’m not sure what that was. Maybe it was a heater? You’ll notice that we had a sink, but no bathroom.


     Graffiti from my window. The one on the left, on the gray box, was not there the night before.


     One of my favorite street shots. I saw this street a lot while we hunted for a place to eat.


    A pig! Or a wolf! A wolf-pig!?


     This is a river near where our place was. Look at those buildings on the other side. Venice was cool and all, but they didn’t allow photos like this.


     Here I am in Italy, being your sunset chaser. I ran out to the center of this bridge and took the shot. Sadly, weren’t there for when the whole sunset, but I think the river makes up for it.


    As you can imagine, I took more shots than this, but most of them turned out not so well due to my attempting to try and get those clouds off in the distance.


    A shot of the bridge that I took the sunset shots from.


     Another anarchy sign.


     Another attempt to get the sunset after I left the bridge behind.


     …I was really reluctant to give up on that sunset.


     Apparently there’s a stencil of a guy painting. Sadly, this is the only one I found.


     I found this on a street that had an icon hanging on the street. The icon, though I tried many times to take a picture of it, never quite worked out.


    This is the door of the church near the former monastery that we stayed up.


     Welcome to the Pitti palace. the place is massive. The stone foundations alone are worth of note.


     The Pitti Palace. The insides took up a whole day and really that we couldn’t spend more than a day or so in this place alone is a crime.


     I was really fascinated by this stone wall leading up the building, as well as the foundation. They’re huge and rough shaped with uniform to them.


     I wanted to get shots of all the lions, but I rapidly gave up. The lions were totally worth it, however. I took these shots while waiting for the tickets.


     Moar lions!


     The courtyard of the Pitti palace. I spent a lot of time in here trying to get shots of the gargoyles on the top floor but they also proved elusive from the ground.


     The art style here was sort of all over the place. This may come partially from the effects of the Renaissance, which itself was a rebirth of many art styles as well as a refinement of them.


    I think it’s a panther. It felt kind of out of place in terms of style.


     What am I looking at? What the hell are those things? They look like something out of Greek mythology.


     One of the disappointing things about the Pitti palace was that most of the art came from after the Medici period. Who would do that? The one set of rooms I came back to was the only one with the original art. The statues and the museum were older stuff, as well.


     Not gonna lie, the stone work was very impressive. Very detailed and wonderful. It wasn’t exactly a sensory overload, due to the uniform color. Some rooms carried stone and paint work on the walls that had to do with the twelve labors of Hercules, but that was a true delight.


     Normally, I cut the blurry shots out, but in this case I left it in to show you that for every shot that you get there are two or more that were rejects. I’m really glad I even got the shots that I did. I was starting to get sick of the stonework, though there are those works here that keep me going.


     Like this one. Dear God, is this epic or what? The work is so intricate but it never overwhelms the eyes. It draws attention to the things that need to be looked out without detracting from the detail. It is quite amazing, to say the least, and I was quite pleased to get a good shot of it.


     Another one that I had to put up, because I liked the shot. Getting the stonework in this museum was nigh on impossible.

     This was one of the only ones that turned out well. The ceiling was so amazing and detailed, but the ceilings were so high that it was hard to get the shots with no flash and very poor steady cam. My poor hands. Still, if any one shot worked out I’m glad it was this one.


     I really do love old books, and while I didn’t get the shot close enough for the text, but to be honest the glass started to prove annoying with the light. It must be difficult to light the museum with the windows providing a quite frankly terrible quality of light.


     Another book, this one of sketches. I really wish that I could have turned the pages somehow.


     A chessboard!? Oh my God, the chessboard is so cool! The borders are awesome and the paint of the actual spaces is so nice. I would love to get my hands on a chess board like that.


     The colors…


     Another one that I’m not sure what it is. They look like moths.


     I could not get enough of these books, but in this case you can already start to see the glass becoming a problem. This one is a diary or a notebook, again making me wish I could flip through it.


     A fragment which I wish I could have gotten closer to. This museum was annoying. Have I gotten that across yet?


     Yes. Oh, yes. The coat of arms in color. And such bright colors.


     Another coat of arms that I wish I saw more of, though the picture just doesn’t do this coat of arms justice. It also lacks color.


     One of the things I loved about this was that the renaissance and the later middle ages started to portray death and dying in a very different light. They became dark and more realistic and less idealized in the case of funeral casks and death masks and that seems to have leaked into the art here as well. You can hardly blame them, with the plague. And explosive diarrhea, which was also apparently a major killer in Florence in the later middle ages.


     That skull. He’s seen better days. Also. Damned glass!


     Detail of a pictured I had to come back to once I noticed all the details.


     And here is the same coat of arms, but it looks like something out of an alchemy book. With some religious symbolism marked down as well.


     One more sketch for the road. The next post will likely be much more Pitti palace to go around. I’m hoping not too much more. Till next time~

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