Italy Extravaganza~ Day X, Day XI, Part I

After so long traveling from place to place I finally put my foot down and decided to spend a day doing nothing. You see, as fun as going around Italy like this was, it also remained quite exhausting. I took the day we were in Padova to sit around at a park. I read my first ever copy of Speculum and smoked my pipe, letting the warm sun hit my shoulders. It was amazing. Sadly, I was unable to enjoy it as much I would liked to, because I was dragged off to a museum. We realized at this point that the Italian transportation system is entirely funded by tourists as we never once saw an Italian buy a ticket. The time in Padova was well spent, so far as I’m concerned. You may ask, since I only did spend one day in this city, why this is two days? On the morning we left, I took some more pictures. All of Padova was in one folder, and I’m not turning that into two posts. This also allows me to focus entirely on Ravenna. Here then, gentle readers, is what you could say is beginning the end of these posts. But weep not, they will be good ones since Florence is just around the corner and that is going to be a very long series of posts.


This is my favorite shot of Padova. You would think it would be the park, but alas this is not the case. I never took a good shot of it that I could find. The paint on this mural is so vivid. Some of it has faded, such as the lady in the center, but the coats of arms and the leaves are still really vibrant.


The park is to the left. I’m really sorry, this is the park where I had an amazing epiphany about life, but I somehow took no pictures of it.


Coats of arms in stone  outside a church/museum we stopped at. I went and left with reservations.


I think that’s from H.P. Lovecraft. I could be wrong, but it looks like a drinking buddy of Cthulu.


Stop! In the name  of…safety…befoore…I’ll stop now.


Another interesting bit of graffiti.


And here’s the anarchy symbol again.


The same coats of arms in a different place in stone.


Slightly different coat of arms in the center, though it does still have the lion.


Would this be the coat of arms of the third son?


I really love coats of arms that h ave the huge helmets on top. Especially the ones that aren’t human.


I’m assuming at some point this guy was holding a spear. There would be more pictures of this place, only all the inside bits had signs up saying that photos, flash turned off our otherwise, were verbolten.


Another coat of arms with the helmet on top. Dear God, I could take pictures of those all day.


Since I was not allowed to take pictures inside, I needed to take pictures of any bits of art that I found outside.


I really did love the stonework back here. It wasn’t as good as Ravenna, but in places it was really quite beautiful.


Simple enough graffiti. This all seems to be in order.


No TAV and the anarchy symbol again. If anybody knows what these mean together, please let me know?

100_1516    For some reason, I really loved this bit of graffiti. Maybe it’s the expression on the bird, or the First Love thing. Either way, it was enjoyable to see.


It was kind of interesting how many times we ran into writing on the wall that looked like it was done in around five seconds with a permanent marker, much of which was political.

Those little red hearts are something I started seeing here. Again, I have no idea what these are but I found them in multiple cities. We ran into a lot more of these things too, and they all look like stamps. Anybody know what they are?

And in this one, there’s a green version of something else.

Hahahaha! Oh lord, this city and it’s graffiti.

And now there’s a darker red book. I have no idea, but I am very fascinated.

Another in the series of scrawls that are political. This one looks like it was done in either crayon or lipstick.

This was another of my favorite pieces. It’s true art that I found on a random street. The colors make it epic.

And here is another black book, I wanted to make the point that these things were everywhere.

Another heart and a red Euro. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which stamps are together.

At the very bottom of that you can see a sign that says occupy your reality. This is another bit of graffiti that I found around a lot.

100_1534     Here is a black heart.

There were also these red hearts that say things inside them. This one also seems to be bleeding, though that may just be an effect of the stamp.

And here is another, just to show that these things were also in more places than once.

This is the church we stayed at. We didn’t stay in the church, there was a guest house, but this place is epic.

It was hard to get it all in one shot, I dare say that it was impossible.

A white skull? Not sure this  is the same thing, but it was fun.

My favorite kind of street shot.

A huge bit of political graffiti.

I wanted a close up shot of the hammer and sickle at the end, I actually did try and get it into one shot, the one above was my best attempt, but it was just too long.

We ran into this one on the same walk.

Another pairing, this time a black book and a red heart with the occupy your reality graffiti below it.

The ghost was kind of odd, because it seems like someone took advantage of another piece of graffiti already there to have fun with his own piece.

There was a sign put up outside a school, I believe. I liked it because they actually used a sheet as opposed to a wall.

This is the inside of the church for the monastery we stayed at. As the outside was, so the inside is just huge.

I found this lectern really fascinating. It’s just odd seeing one in three pieces, though the centerpiece is amazing.

This is an icon supposedly painted by Saint Luke, the evangelist.

As befitting a church of Saint Luke, you find the Ox in many places around the church.

Here is a shot of one side of the church, again to give you an idea of scale.

I really loved this design on the floor. Again, Ravenna is a better one, but this one stuck out because most of the rest of the floor is so much simpler.

And there is is, from the b ackk of the church. I was awed by the sheer size of it It’s kind of sad that the community itself is winding down here and they can hardly maintain the church. It’s so beautiful and the scale alone is honestly enough to take your breath away.

A side altar with a coat of arms in the front. I really love it when the older bits of art maintain their feeling and color. We’ve seen so many bits of art that have simply faded away from lack of care and overall neglect. This and the mural on the wall kept me very excited to find more art like it.

Last picture, writing at the parking lot of the monastery where we were staying. I’m sorry I haven’t been particularly verbose today, but like my trip I am getting quite tired as well. I need a bit of time to detox from the stress and relax. Thankfully, the trip is in the last stages now. Till next, time~

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