Italy Extravaganza~ Day IX, Part II

Here we are at Day II of our little sojourn in Venice. This may end up being a three day post, Day IX that is, although I am certainly hoping that is not the case. I took far too many pictures. By this point my camera was starting to complain. Every time I started it up, it would have a little pouting session where it was “loading” and then it would be ok, once it had a little sulk. To be fair, the Duomo in Venice is not something I took a lot of pictures of. It was enormous and beautiful, but the lines were absurd. And as is usual in Italy, you had to pay to go on. I suppose that’s reasonable, because you can’t expect the Italian state to foot the bill for keeping these structures in good condition, but naturally it was pricey. The reason we didn’t go in had more to do with the lines and the heat, though. Despite the month, it was unseasonably hot in Venice that day and at this point in summer, the crowds were too much for me. We ended up just enjoying a nice walk around the town. Here, with no further chatter, is the second post of Venice. Enjoy~


This shot down a narrow canal is one of my favorites over the course of thee whole trip. I think I have some pictures from the bridge of sighs, if anybody asks. I will have to locate them though.


More call stone pieces on the walls, Naturally, I needed a shot of them.


I’m not sure what building this was, but I regret not going into it.


The bird on the left shares the same texture quality I’ve loved in all the birds thusly so far.


More graffiti. This one looks a little nicer, but still very political.


Apparently this is the motif of Venice. Every city had a sort of graffiti climate if you will. This one sums up Venice.


Alot of graffiti in Italy, even and especially political graffiti had hearts somewhere in them. This revol also has an eye.


This is one of the other churches that we ran into. I wanted a shot that showed how interconnected the buildings were.


While the outside of the church was sort of fascinating I was less enthused with the inside. Being a historian of a much earlier period makes me a little uninterested in art that falls so far beyond the scope of my admittedly meager learning.


So I got some shots of the pieces that stood out to me so I could show them to Miss Cobwebs when I got back home and did this series of posts.


I likely missed a lot.


This shot has a very interesting angle to it. Not so much my picture but the buildings. I’m not sure what to think of them.


Yay~ Another old man face! I will never get tired of those. Also the fountain is cool.


Oh hey, look! Bob has been to Venice too! My local public restroom and Venice. Bob sure gets around.


Yet another Nazi graffiti bit.


Another great shot of an alleyway which I believe from here opens up into a wider space.


But really. Look at all these freaking people.There are so many people in these shots. It was a nightmare for me, which is why the shots are kind of lacking in terms of numbers. You’ll see what I mean once we get to Florence.


Butcher graffiti? Ok, now I have seen everything.


I really wish this wasn’t in Venice.


I really could not get enough shots of these buildings. The narrow alleyways were so inspiring to me. It felt like being swallowed up by the past.


This is the kind of shot I’m talking about. Barring the color of the paint on the houses and maybe the boats, this is an old city. For one brief, blessed moment you can throw yourself back into the past and look out over those canals, wondering what kind of life you would have lived in Medieval Venice.


I really, really wish this wasn’t Venice.


And here’s the heart with the eye. Looking back at the other ones, I wonder what this bit of graffiti supports?


This is the church we did not go into and dear God is it beautiful. The sheer size of it is awe-inspiring.


Look at the color and the detail under the arch! It’s complex but it never assaults the eyes. It has so much beauty packed into one place.


Every one of these shots represents a long and hard effort on my part to get the best shots I could. I had to stand fairly far back, which meant my shaky cam arm was becoming a nuisance here.


You can still see some blurring in these photos, and I really wish I could have gone inside. By this point, I think the trip was starting to wear on us all, however.


And this is the last picture I took of the church. I should have taken a picture of the lines but I was kind of distracted.


This was a very strange clock. It was the months on it, as i recall, and below that in the inner circle the Zodiac symbols. You may recall, as well, that we saw the same kind of thing in the Duomo at Milan. The zodiac, not the bizarro clock for time travelers.


Ok, so I couldn’t resist throwing in a few more of the cathedral.


If the lines weren’t so long, I would have gone in. Even the outside of the church deserved so much more attention.


Here’s the same winged lion.


A closer shot of the weird clock thing.


And this was the piece above it.


No, no. Not the gondolas. Look past the gondolas. Aaahhhh! Yeah, another really huge church.


I tried so very hard to get that figure at the top. This, sadly, was the best that I was able to do.


This is not the same church that i couldn’t help but add another shot of. I’m actually pretty sure it isn’t.


And there it is, the Bridge of Sighs. Not the one in front, the one behind it.


Hey, everybody! This is Venice! Just draw shit on the walls!


A much better shot of the Bridge oof Sighs.


This one was actually pretty cool. It was a bird made out of random things, words I think. Could be wrong.


This is not the same heart. I saw this in other places as well, after this.


We took a water taxi out, and I had to get a few shots from the canal to the ground.


Another shot that really lets the past just swallow you whole. This city was such a joy. if it weren’t so crowded, I would have enjoyed it far, far more.


These are just houses, but they look so awesome. And I’m not even talking about the fact that they’re on a canal, though that does help, but because they just look so awesome. Yeah, I know, articulate. I like simplicity.


This building really intrigued me. I wish I knew more Italian. I wish I knew Italian. I would have been asking about every building. As it is, I will simply enjoy the mystery.


This shot is so very cool because of all the different art styles packed into it all at once.


I love the balcony and I think there may be a park or at least a grassy area right behind that wall.


The alleys in the canal look even cooler when I take a shot from the canal!


This is another church I really wanted to go into. Sadly, a couple of drive by shots were all I could manage.


I suppose this is the only way I could get it all into one shot, though. Please forgive the smudges. I was taking these shots behind the window as mere moments before another tourist on the boat dropped her camera into the canal. Another sacrifice to the canal gods, I guess. Well, next post will be a bit unique. We spent two days in Padova (or Padua) which was well known in the middle ages for it’s medical school I believe. I spent the day in a park, which I took some pictures of. We needed a rest, very badly by this point. The day after we came here, on the way to Florence we stopped at a place called Ravenna. Some of these pictures come on the next morning, which would make it Day XI but I’m going to keep them with Day X. That way, when I do Day XI, Part II it will just be Ravenna. Not that they would be easy to mix up. Till then~


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