Italy Extravanganza~ Day VIII

Here we are at Day VIII and I have some good news and some bad news. Which this is for you all depends on how much you like these Italy posts. Firstly, as much effort as I put into streamlining the posts we still have a long ways to go. Most of this is due to Florence and our extended trip through the Pity Palace, as I like to call it. That means Florence could easily be ten posts, if I decide to not put too many pictures in each post. That means we could be going well into October, which is bad news for other projects I’ve had going on. Today was kind of a sad day, in terms of the trip. I really wanted to get another up close view of a castle. Well, sadly this is the best I got. The castle had a small city in which had been gutted to make room for some taverns and a bed and breakfast place. The church at the top was quite nice, but nothing too special. The view was great. but my camera was not at all up to the task of taking these pictures. We also went to a city by the sea, so I took a few photos there.


This is the view of the caste from outside the walls. I like how the tower is part of the wall, but it has a nice aesthetic to it overall.


I had become quite fond of seeing these trees around. It seems like they appear a lot in or near castles.


What the hell is that lizard doing!?


Yes, here is the picture of the lizard biting the other lizards tail. In this picture he seems to have given up. That didn’t last long, honestly.


I was really fascinated by this keyhole window. I couldn’t get a good shot out the other side, though.


This is the only one like this in pretty much the entire castle, church included. Again, Miss Cobwebs, does this count as a theotoko? I don’t know the eastern side of art nearly as well as I should.


I also really love taking pictures of streets like this. With Venice and Florence being right up ahead, you should be very excited by this prospect.


I’ve seen those metal bands on towers and castles all over Italy. if anyone knows what those things are for, for the love of God tell me.


The one shot from the top I liked. I raced up here to get it, but my camera was not up to the task.


Here is the door to the church. It’s the first time I’ve seen one that looked like this out of wood. Granted, a few millennial doors were as well, but those were rare cases too.


Naturally, I made sure to get all the four evangelists.


I really think this was one of my favorite sets. They’re simple. but they contain details that other versions lacked.


For some reason, getting shots of them was quite hard. I think by this point fatigue was starting to set in and so stopping my hands from shaking was taking a lot of effort.


But these were entirely worth the effort.


This was a church in the seaside city we went to. I made my parents stop so I could get some shots of the icons on the outside. This was one of the cooler ones.


Why did I take this picture? The face in the alley to the left. It’s pretty awesome.


A very cool cross that is fairly easy to miss at first glance.


Another Nazi graffiti.


My first shot of a city by the sea.


More graffiti. Hey look! It even says Triest on it. Which I believe is the name of the city in question.


Another of the icons that turned out very well. My picture thereof, that is.


The last icon I took a picture of from this church. Sadly, we could only delay for so long.


Another very nice example of ecclesiastical heraldry.


I’m not sure why, but I sure saw the anarchy symbol a lot while I was in Italy. I’m surprised it hasn’t shown up yet in posts.


I don’t know what this is, but it’s very cool.


One more shot of the town from the distance to round our today. I hope you are enjoying the posts of Italy so far. I was quite excited to share them with you, and remain so, even if I expected this to be wrapped up by now. At any rate, next post will be Day IX and that will begin our trip through Venice. Miss Cobwebs has kindly promised some art, so likely we’ll be seeing that after the last Venice post is up.

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