Italy Extravaganza~ Day VII, Part II

     This was an unexpected pleasure that we ran into. This small, not even worth being on the map town had an amazing museum and a beautiful church. I don’t think we even came here for any specific reason. I could be entirely wrong, but this was a place that we just ran into. Today I shall show you a bit of the town and the museum in the town. The church, sadly, I never thought to take many exterior shots of. The bridge leading into the town was very pretty, but all I wanted shots of was the dry riverbed. Here, without any further pointless rambling, is the second part of Day VII of our trip out of the mountains.


     I thought I would start us off with the museum for a small change of pace. The art is simpler, a lot of it comes from a much earlier and simpler time than the art we had seen to that point.


     The lion couldn’t be bothered to sit still for his portrait. Either that, or we’re missing part of the sculpture.


     I can’t put my finger on why I like this so much. The stones are simple, the book is sort of elegant, but altogether the picture just really works.


     One of my favorite pieces from the entire museum. My favorite piece is further down.


     Oh, how I love these faces. Each one carries such an odd combination of passiveness and expressiveness that it is so hard not to laugh every time that I see them.


     I needed to step back and get this all into perspective. The two headed statue, that looks like an owl up there, the guy with the big head and the beard.


     I really liked the details on this tree. What I’m liking even more is that I think I get what this statue is getting at.


   I was right!? Numbers are very important.


     I really wish we had the rest of whatever this was a part of.


     Whenever I see birds in a museum that contains artwork from early Christianity, I tend to hope/assume herons.


     So every single bird I saw, I had to take a picture of it.


     I’m not even sure I want to know.


     This really has been a tour in humility for me. Most of this art, I have no idea about what it is, what it was for and it’s been so long I don’t remember anything I read at the museum.


     Another mandatory bird photo.


     They have something similar to this at The Cloisters in New York City, and I saw a few others like it in terms of style in Milan.


     This lion looks very sad.


     Ok, now we’re getting to the good stuff. The tile work in this museum was unbelievable. One of my favorite art pieces from the entire trip was one of these tile bits. This one is also really nice. It’s just a pattern, but it’s not so busy that it makes your eyes hurt and the leaves on the outside are so beautiful.


     Even the colors and this basic designs really captivate me. I wish we had the entire design, and this was just for the floor.


     And this, I would be willing to bet, is an evangelist lion. Hence the wings.


     Another bit of text, in this case it looks very strange to me.


     I’m trying to remember where this coat of arms was. I don’t think it was the church, the streets had some wonderful little things just laying in out of the way places.


     A stone wall I couldn’t help but take a picture of.


     A former prison tower in the town that connected to the museum. Or what is now the museum. The yellow part in the center is the connecting bit.


    Shots that appear to have entirely left this modern world behind are rare things. Even this picture of this winding street doesn’t quite escape, after all there are the two bike trails in the middle of the street.


     A monastery in the town. I wanted this shot not only for the tower, but also for the lovely thatching on the side. The colors are quite nice, though I’ve forgotten what the material is.


     A slightly more ornate theotoko than I am used to seeing. Please correct my spelling, Miss Cobwebs, if I am off and also this is another pieces I wanted to show you.


     Another very beautiful street.


      A shot of the town from outside the town.


     Another shot from outside the own, trying to get more of the town and the mountains into the shot.


     This is the mostly dry riverbed. I really wanted to get a picture of this shot at many other places, leading to a few additions to my “trees of Italy” post.

Another closer shot.

And here I wanted to get a shot of as far down the river as I could.


     And here is is. My favorite piece of art in the entire trip. If you would like to see more pieces from this museum, or if there was anything from previous posts that you want to see more of, like mountains, please comment here or on any of the other Italy posts and I will consider adding another post for the request in question once the main posts have wrapped up.

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