Italy Extravaganza~ Day VI, Part II-Day VII, Part I

     Not really much to say about the post today. I’ll be showing you the last couple of pictures of the monastery we were staying and another sweeping mountain vista that I ran into while we were driving around. Today was quite annoying for one major reason. On the way to the one place we went to day, a place where Mary supposedly appeared (not sure if it’s an approved apparition site or not) we passed by a truly bizarre statue on the road. It’s hard for me to remember the details, but it was really quite unlike anything I have ever seen before. Sadly, on the way back down there was a car behind us so we could hardly stop on the windy mountain road too snap a picture.


    Here is my favorite coat of arms in the whole monastery. It’s in color, it’s in stone and it’s an actual shield shape. This is so very awesome.


     Another shot of the courtyard to give a bit of perspective to where all those wonderful coats of arms are to be found.


     Here is another of those sad, sad faded paintings. I really wish I could get these restored.


     Here is a picture of my father’s camera. He has a picture of my camera. His is way better. In the background is more of those faded paintings.


     Another shot of some of the coats of arms. For some reason. Why did I take this picture?


     This is the parking lot, outside the cloisters. To the left is the abandoned building near the front of the property.


     This is the other side of the parking lot. I really like those small trees we saw in a couple of places. There were similar ones in the courtyard of the castle. You can see the mountains in the distance.


     Somewhere over in that direction was a do not enter sign. I had to settle for a picture from this angle showing the rest of the property which is in serious disrepair.


     Here  is the side of the wall. I was really interested in how easy it would have been to scale the wall. The place is hardly on the scale of a castle, but it wouldn’t have been facing the same kind of siege. This is the kind of fortress that remains a thorn in the enemy’s supply line. You can’t be bothered to take every stronghold like this.


     I ignored the sign. I really wanted to get this shot of the towns spreading off into the distance.


    And also I really like taking pictures of mountains. MOUNTAINS!


     Those little towns just stretch out as far as the eye can see. This whole valley was so breathtaking. I never got a picture that captured it quite right.


     This shot is from the top of the mountains. I really loved taking shots from here, but sadly most of them were pretty wretched. And my camera took a dirt nap here.


     Goodbye, mountains!


     I’m starting to think we may have seeped into day VII, but I will keep it part of Day VI. This is a small town we ran into that was epically awesome. The name escapes me but here is the church for today. Another really cool coat of arms.


    Wonderful millennial door. Not the most ornate I saw, but very nice.


     More faded paintings from a bygone era inside the church.


     Panned up a bit to get that little one in the same shot.

I wish I could remember who this was, he was either the bishop or the patron saint of the church.

I was starting to despair of finding anything I really liked in this church until..

Good lord, look at that coat of arms  Even in this state, the colors are so vibrant. It’s a shame that pillar is there.


     This is the most epic coat of arms I have seen in this entire trip. Again, for a painting with faded paint the colors are still quite vibrant and the coat of arms itself has survived quite well. For once I remembered to take a perspective shot before getting into the details too.


    A little closer shot of the coat of arms itself. I love this one in particular. The hand on the left has two stars above it. The right is not overly simple, but not too complex either. In the closer shot you can tell that the original color was a wonderful sky blue.


     The closer still view gets us the two stars. Is that a peach on the right side? I hadn’t even noticed it.


     This is the other coat of arms in the church. Sadly, it has seem better days. The canopy survived with such lovely colors, but the coat of arms itself is missing chips of paint.


     Very happy, however, to see how the tassels survived the journey to today.


     Good lord, how much of this was lost? Though the coat of arms seems fairly plain, we’re missing the lower half so it’s hard to tell.


     And here is the third coat of arms, kind of the other end of the spectrum honestly. The entire setting is gone but the coat of arms survived alright.


     Part of the picture had books and scrolls or other papers. Made me very sad that the rest was missing.


     Here is another really cool coat of arms. I really liked the dog tied to the tree.


     Angry moon!


     This is the other side. I was quite sad to see it missing the top, but thankfully his partner on the other side survived.


     Plaque at the back of the church. Again, I was quite happy to get such a close shot of one that had such clear writing on it.


     And here is the text, for those of you Latin scholars out there.


    Another of my favorite kind of coat of arms. The colors and the stone, it’s so nice to see the colors are still fairly vibrant too.


     This coat of arms at the back had been through the ringer, though.


     It makes me really wish that the top left had lived on. I really want to see the complete coat of arms.


    And here is a shot of the whole church is perspective.


     And here’s one more. This is just a parish church, as well. I don’t think this was a cathedral. Till next time, everybody! This town also had an amazing museum in it. Get excited. I demand it!

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