Italian Extravaganza~ Day V

     Bad news, everybody! Today we leave the mountains behind. That’s not to say we didn’t get back into the mountains later on, but from this day forward we started heading south in a big way. We stayed at a former monastery on day five and six, and I took a lot of pictures from my window there. I may be able to locate a picture of the bathroom. For those of you who haven’t been to Italy and had to use the bathrooms, they are quite different. They’re smaller to the ground. In this case, the toilet was so close to the shower I had to bend my knees out of the way so as not to hit them on the edge of the shower. So, without any further ado, welcome to the Italian Alps.


     Here is a candidate for my “Trees of Italy” post. The castle in the background was worth a shot.


     Here is the castle again. This is one of those many times that I wish I could have gotten closer to the castle. It looks like a really great one.


     These mountains are just huge. I found it difficult to get all the mountains in one shot.


     This is a better shot of this part of the mountains. At the bottom left is a house to put the mountains into scale. It’s true what Cobwebs said, it is very hard to get shots of the mountains.


     This mountain. I can’t take enough pictures of this mountain.


     I like this picture, despite the sign, because it shows the mountains trailing off into the distance. I’m quite thankful that it was a clear day. The rode wound through the mountains like this and


     This is an old Roman wall that we passed.


     Taking pictures of this wall was a huge pain because we were going around a curve in the road. This was the best shot that I managed and I couldn’t help but get the motorcycle in the shot.


     This wall was so epic On the left, you can see the very edge of more mountains. I like to think of that little door that you can see in the bottom right as a sort of guard post. Granted, this is pretty high in the mountains. I would hate to have been posted here.



Another great shot of the mountains. Does anything else need to be said? Mountains!




    Yay, mountains!


     This was a town we passed on the way. I wish I could have gotten better shots of it, but this is the one that matters the most. That pathway leading up the city proper is so cool. It’s a very medieval town but they have that pathway. Also, check out the house on the right. The yellow one.


     I really needed to get these shots. The mountains were finally in the distance enough that I could give you an idea of the scope of the mountains. As cool as driving through the mountains was, it was a lot longer trip. That being said, look at how flat the road is here.


     We went to dinner at a small place near where we were staying. You can see the vines outside the hotel in the foreground. The mountains in the distance called to me, and so I needed to get up and take some pictures.


     As the day got closer to a close it meant I could get better detail shots of the mountains in the distance. Not gonna lie. I was very depressed to realize that in just a day or so we would be out of the mountains for good.


     I wish that we had been there a bit later. It’s hard to tell in this shot, but the whole valley ahead of us is dotted with small towns.


     As I took these shots a storm rolled in. I wanted to get a few shots of the mountains covered in cloud. That was fairly hard to do in such a way I liked.


     The monastery is to the left of us. I just had to step out for a bit and take a picture of the clouds. That and the mountains in the distance made for an amazing shot.


     And I finally got my mountains vanishing into the clouds shot. You can see some of one of the towns in the valley from here as well.


     There we are. Look at all those towns stretching out into the distance. I actually took a lot of these shots, but I only kept a few. The rest were too blurry to consider.


      One last shot of the mountains to tide you over. This one I am particularly fond of.


     This is a shot of the monastery from the outside. This place was also a fort to defend against invaders when it was in use. The thick stone walls made it a fairly defensible place, though any determined attack could have taken it.

100_1087     This is the front gate. The building to the right is no longer in use and has seen better days. The place actually still locked. Not the front gate, but the gate to the Cloisters. I will post pictures of that next time.

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