Italian Extravaganza~ Day IV, Part III

     So, here we are at last. Today we leave the castle of Trent and it’s Egyptian exhibit behind. On my way out I realized that I had yet to take any pictures of the outside courtyard. The castle really is amazing. Despite it’s small size, it’s surely a multiple step siege. There’s a smaller wall around the outside courtyard which leads to a thick, large door. The door itself leads into a courtyard that has walls to fire down from spiraling pretty much around the whole thing. On the second floor, there’s a small hallway that leads out into another courtyard. The pathway itself is open to fire from two directions and is quite narrow with a steep drop off to either side. Both ends of the hallway are blocked by thick wooden doors, as well. Trying to scale the walls from any other side is a terrible idea. There is a slight alley to the left of the castle which also leads into the courtyard, but that would require any foot soldiers to step into a murderer’s row of fire from two sides that rapidly closes in as they get closer to the end of the alley. Well, let’s wrap this up proper like.


     I’ll be honest, I didn’t take many pictures of the Egyptian exhibit. It was just too much for me to take in. These masks were too cool to avoid, however.


     This is a side view of the same mask.


     Another one with slightly better preserved eyes. The thing with taking pictures of Egyptian exhibits is the very fine details. It makes taking pictures of things and getting all the details sharp a right pain at times.


     Naturally, I chose the best pictures out of the ones that I took. It also means that they had a ton of tiny Scareb amulets they had going in the place.


     One more mask and then we’re done. I really was surprised at the amount of stuff they had in here. It wasn’t on the scale of say the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Fine Arts but it was an Egyptian exhibit in a castle What more do you want?


     This one is right from the front of the castle. Directly behind me is the door. In front and to the bottom right of the picture is the front gate. It’s fairly wide and large as well and you can tell that the wall isn’t nearly as high.


     A better shot of the gate. You can see the front door also had a gate, grated metal, which has been pushed aside to the right of the shot. Also, you can see the walkway above the castle in this shot pretty well.


     This is the front courtyard to the left of the main entrance of the castle on the way out.


     This is the alleyway on the other side of the wall. To the right going on there is a sizable drop off and that alleyway. The entrance is so narrow, though I remember it getting narrow at the other end too. Clearly, I am remembering it wrong. This would be a second line of approach along with the front gate.


     Here is the lizard. I could not locate the picture of the lizard biting the other lizard. Thankfully we saw this more than once.


     A closer shot of the wall from the courtyard, again to give a bit of scope to the size of the castle.


     This is a shot of the courtyard. I wanted, again, to give a sense of scale. The wall on the far side leads to a sheer cliff-face I believe. There’s a bit more courtyard on the other side of the tree, as well.


     A shot of the gate from the courtyard, again for perspective. And that was the castle. There will be a few more short posts, I think, before we hit the next thing I took lots of pictures. Also, coming down the line are some illustrations by the lovely Miss Cobwebs, which will be a part of this fun. We have lots more to share, and I am quite excited to share the rest.

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