Italy Extravaganza~ Day III

The trip out of Milan was hectic and filled with map yelling. You know what I mean. It’s a kind of yelling that gets sort of exhausting to be around in a very short period of time. Thankfully, we got the car just fine and it was brought pretty much right to our hotel thanks to some fiddling with the deal from the front desk at our hotel and my dad, who speaks some Italian. Once we got out of Milan, no small feat, it was a day long trip to the mountains from where we were. So prepare yourselves for pictures of the mountains. Lots and lots of pictures of the mountains. The hotel we stayed in up there was quite nice. My room had an enormous balcony, which I did not take a picture of. Apparently Italians get offended if you don’t drink cappuccino. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I found myself quite liking the stuff at most of the places we went to. But you aren’t really here to listen to me talk about things. You wanna see the mountains, don’t you? Well. Here you are.


     More of the politically charged graffiti that I love so much. A lot of the more ordinary stuff as well, it seems, but here we are on the way out of Milan. Milan had some of the best stuff like this. Another good one was Ravenna. It’s kind of surprising to me that people would graffiti some buildings I found it on. This one is no big deal, but some of them were kind of shocking.


This is a wall with a door that we passed on our way to the mountains. I got quite good at taking pictures out of the window of a moving car. This one, the gate that is, was isolated and it lead nowhere special. The detail on the gate was pretty awesome, however, so I took a shot before we were gone. Thankfully there was a traffic light right there.


This is a church from a town that we went through. We ran into a few churches like this. The colors on the blocks really make the building stand out. Even something like this is actually fairy ornate. We never went inside since parking in Italy is a myth created by the locals to bring in more tourists.


This is part of another wall we passed. The gate is on the bottom left hand corner. The crenallations on the wall make me think this wall once surrounded the old medieval city of whatever city we were passing through.


This is a Colussuem. An honest to God Colussem. Obviously not as large as the one in Rome, but it seems to be in fairly good condition. Again, we never got out of the car.


This is a castle, or part of one, in the town that we were passing through. Looking at it from the ground, this thing must have been a real beast in the day. You can see it has three layers from here, and you know the old adage. If I can see them, they can put an arrow through my brain. The overlapping fields of fire this thing had must have been just downright murderous. Also the crenallations are really tall, so you could likely stand behind them and remain safe while loading another arrow or crossbow bolt.


Another view of the same castle. The tower is covered and has a direct field of fire right down at people trying to get over the wall. Those little holes seem ominous, but they’re likely building holes where wood was inserted for structure security while the wall was being put up. It’s hard to tell from here, since I can’t see the bottom of the wall.


In case you can’t tell? I really like castles. i basically took enough pictures of one to be considered a virtual tour of the place. This is getting a slightly better view of the second wall in the first shot of this angle. Just to give you an idea of the height difference between the two. This would have been a multiple step siege for sure.


Another view of, I believe, the first fall, showing the tower in the distance.


This is another shot of the tower from a bit closer, again helping to show the difference in height. You could, I suppose, try bypassing that wall by getting a ladder up against that tower. That would leave you open to stuff being thrown at you from above and arrows from the side, but that mid-floor window and the second story one as well do like inviting as oopposed to being burned by hot oil.


Last, lingering shot of that beast of a castle.


A bridge built by the Romans, apparently. I do like the red bricks they used to build it. If it were a bit later in the day, the late evening sun would have made that bridge glow.


I really liked the look of this wall.


A shot of the cathedral that we wanted to find parking for. It sure does look imposing in this, doesn’t it? And the stone work is so cool.


This was a wall we parked near while we waited for dad to come back with information and he wanted to see the cathedral. I really like old school stone walls.


Mountains! Dear God, look at the size of those things!


I feel like I took a lot of pictures of that one mountain in the distance.


This is one thing I really enjoyed taking pictures of. The village all spread out over the whole valley.


I took this picture to give you an idea of the scope of the mountains in question. I got some of the base of the mountain. Just some. Also, you can see a rather fortified monastery nestled into the base of the mountain.


Here is a closeup of the monastery. The walls extend down quite a ways, and the whole thing makes me wish we had time to detour over there. Sadly, even with almost no stops on the way the trip from Milan to the mountains took pretty much the whole day. It was too late to do anything but eat once we got to the hotel.100_0833

This is one of my three favorite castle/fortress structures I saw. It’s on a mountain with clear range of sight all the way around. It’s huge, too. It looks like a city fortress with a castle in it. Granted, the whole city is a castle.


This is the best picture I got. Again, quite infuriating to not be able to just get in there and go nuts with my camera. The place was a work of art.


This is the view from my balcony when we arrived. As you can see, it’s already getting dark and there were some rain clouds. The small lake and the mountains made for quite the nice shot. Our third day was exhausting because we spent almost all of it traveling. Soon, we went to the castle I took a million and one pictures of. Here comes the pain. For me, not for you;. So. Many. Pictures.

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