Italy Extravaganza – Day II

     The first day in Italy carried with it a lot of little culture shocks. Anytime we got on a bus there was always somebody pan-handling. When we were in a subway station trying to figure out how the ticket machine worked, some guy came up and offered to show us how to do it. That is, if we gave him the change from the transaction. Which might be why he suggested we use a fifty Euro bill to get tickets that cost less than ten. The food on the first day was good and I will wholeheartedly admit that I really miss Italian breakfasts. Only Italians could make breakfast such a decadent affair and yet still have it not be an instant heart attack. The second day in Milan was a lot better than the first in many ways. The end of our second day in Milan was spent trying to find the location of our rental car, which became an adventure in and of itself. One policeman actually gave us entirely wrong directions on purpose and then ignored us when we asked for clarification. I loved Milan, though. It felt like the city version of “Roman Holiday” or “To Catch a Thief”. I really like simplicity in design, something elegant and sophisticated, and to me that sums up Milan nicely. My favorite part of Milan was the train station we were near. I took quite a few photos of it, some of which I will put up here. If there is any interest in seeing more, I may add more later.


This is the floor of the Duomo in Milan. You may wonder why I am taking a picture of the floor. because go and look at a floor somewhere you’ve been lately and tell me that it’s inventive or interesting. You can’t, unless you have a shag carpet to capture errant wafts of the doobies of highs past. This floor sums up so much of what I love about Italian church, and Milan in particular, I had to take a picture of it.100_0663

This is the inside of the Duomo.  Look at the size of those columns! The inside of this church is massive. My camera could not handle the detail of the windows but just look at the scope of the place!


This, however, was very confusing.


These were on the floor of the front of the church. They are all the zodiac zymbols. Here are Leo and Gemini, I believe. The first was Cancer.


Those two also. These are a fairly new addition, as well, and they kind of really stick out in comparison the more elegant tiles that were there.


This is Virgo and Taurus. Look at the size of these things, that is in comparison the original tiles.


I can’t see the date in this one, but each tile had the date on the bottom left hand corner.


Pisces and maybe this is actually Cancer. Or no, Scorpiooo! Wah wah wah waaaahhh!


Another piece of graffiti I couldn’t pass up getting a picture of. This one was on a construction door that I believe was right across from the Duomo.


Just look at that face. Can you say no to that face? He seems to be upset about something. You see a lot of these faces used to vent water in Italy. At the bottom of the picture you can see the pool the water goes into.


I think this is one of the better faces that I’ve seen. It’s a lot bigger than most of the rest. I think it’s that the water comes out of that huge mouth.


Here is another statue. I’m thinking of the window lions. The window is amazing.


Here it is. The best thing in the entire train station. It’s a snake with a crown eating a guy. A snake with a crown eating a guy. Or maybe it’s a dragon. Either that or a snake. But it’s still awesome. Awesome!


This is the best tile design on the floor. I had to make someone get off of it so I could take a picture.


This is one of my favorite graffiti that I found


This is another theme I saw a lot of in Italy. The Hermes/Athena heads. This is one of the better ones.

100_0698     This last picture is to give you an idea of the scope and grandeur of this train station. This place was amazing. There were stores and stalls all over the place and the sheer size of the tracks was kind of awe inspiring too. The next couple of days after this we went to the mountains which quickly replaced my thoughts. I mean, it’s hard to ignore the Alps. So the day after tomorrow I will post day three. Starting to wonder when the multiple days will begin.

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